10 Inexpensive Ways to Add Great Curb Appeal to Your Home

Even if you have a luxurious home, you probably try to pinch pennies where you can. Selling a luxury poor means that the curb appeal is the first impression buyers get so it needs to be on point. If you're looking to do a little DIY curb appeal, here are 10 ways to add curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank.10 Inexpensive Ways to Add Great Curb Appeal to Your Home

#1. Mow the lawn

Well, duh. However, a lot of people don't even do this one little step. A neatly mowed lawn looks clean, neat, and tidy but you have to keep it mowed. When your home is on the market, and especially for getting a good mix of rain and sunshine, you should mow the yard about every 3 to 5 days.

#2. Wash the exterior of the home.

If you are siding has seen better days, consider getting a pressure washer to clean off and brighten the colors on the outside of your house. You might even consider a fresh coat of paint or at least paint the trim and the front door.

#3. Clear the entryway.

Buyers will be approaching your home with their buyers agent and potentially a couple of other people so you need to make sure the entryway is clean and clear. Wipe off any visible dirt and grime and make sure you don't have a lot of pots and planners that's clogging up the front porch.

#4. Make the front door memorable.

"The front door is both barrier and passageway, so make it a focus of your home improvement efforts. Give it a fresh coat of paint or bold color. Replace old or tarnished doorknobs with new hardware or you might even consider replacing the door entirely." Source – cheap-ism

#5. Make the entrance welcoming.

Buyers definitely remember that first impression so make sure the door, entryway, walkway, porch, and stairs are all neat, clean, tidy and inviting.

#6. Clean the windows.

Windows can collect grime, hard water film, and depending on how close they are to the ground, can collect dirt that splashes up during heavy rains. Clean those windows as well as the frames.

#7. Clean the gutters.

If your home is surrounded by trees, those gutters can collect leaves like nobody's business. Clean them well, make sure the water runs clean and clear, and that water is not pooling at the corner of the foundation or house.

#8. Use complementary floral colors.

Regardless of the season, using bright greens or beautiful contrasting flower colors can definitely seem more lush and luxurious to buyers. Shrubs and other plantings can serve as natural fences and create more privacy. However, don't use multiple colors of flowers as it can look busy and messy. Stick one or two colors that complement the color of your house.

#9. Brush up on the mulch.

A new layer of mulch will definitely give your landscape a uniform fresh look. Mulch can be replaced about every one or two years so it's a good investment that will give a return for quite a few months.

#10. Focus on the details.

Small little touches like antique lights, solar lights that illuminate an entryway, a unique but tasteful mailbox and ornamental touches as long as you don't go overboard, can add those little luxurious details to your curb appeal.

For specific information on how to create the curb appeal that it works for today's buyers, give us a call. We'd love to offer you a free listing presentation on what your home could currently sell for in today's market and suggestions and tips on staging and curb appeal.

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