7 Hidden Gems in Portland Oregon

1.      Pittock Mansion7 Hidden Gems in Portland Oregon

The mansion was initially built in 1914 as a private home to Oregonian publisher Henry Pittock and his wife, Georgina Burton Pittock. The mansion has 23 rooms: library, sewing room, Turkish smoking room, five large bedrooms, and two sleeping porches. It has a curved wooden floor with a unique oval shape with wings attached overall view. If you are in love with historic house tours, then the Pittock mansion is a place to be.

2.      Peninsula Park and Rose gardens

It was initially established to serve as a testing ground for new rose varieties. It has more than 10,000 rose bushes and more than 650 varieties of roses. It is now one of the best attraction sites in Oregon state. For flower lovers, this is a priority place to visit in Oregon. The place attracts almost 700 000 people every year.

3.      Forest Park

It is the largest park in the country. It has a suitable topography for hiking and biking. Forest Park measures about 5200 acres, and it houses hundreds of native wildlife and plant species. The geography of this place makes it favorable for exercises and educational opportunities.

4.      Council Crest Park

It provides spectacular views of the surrounding area since it stands 1073 feet above sea level. It is an excellent place to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Other activities that involve the park are:

  • Park amenities and activities.
  • Paved and unpaved paths
  • Dog off-leash area
  • The statue or public art
  • Vista point and picnic table

5.      Oregon Holocaust Memorial

It is an outdoor memorial dedicated to victims of the Holocaust from August 29, 2004. This was after millions were murdered because of their political and religious beliefs, physical and mental disabilities, all by the deadly Nazi regime. The memorial is now under the stewardship of the Oregon Jewish Museum and the center of Holocaust education. You can pass over the place to pay off your tribute in your touring activities.

7 Hidden Gems in Portland Oregon6.      Witch’s Castle Walk

The stone house, otherwise called Macleay Park Shelter, is a two-story structure in Portland whose haunting tale is told once you visit the place. It is a half-mile hike from the upper Macleay parking lot.

7.      Multnomah Whiskey Library

For Whiskey lovers, this is a classy atmosphere in Portland to have great sips. There are more than 1000 different types of whiskey from all over the world. Apart from whiskey, there are other drinks and a variety of food. It is a perfect place to spend money and precious time.

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