Design Elements that Make Luxury Homes Extraordinary

Not every home classified as a luxury home is a giant mansion. Today’s luxury homes offer a luxury living experience through high-end amenities. Here are some of the most sought-after amenities of today’s luxury homes.

Top Quality KitchensHere are some of the most sought-after amenities of today’s luxury homes.

Most modern luxury kitchens integrate function, high-end style, and impressive custom features. A luxury home kitchen will have expertly styled finishes as well as features that go above and beyond the standard kitchen. This can be items like a large ice maker that produces those coveted tiny round ice cubes. A luxury kitchen may have its own wood-fired pizza oven. Or maybe there is a giant pantry that goes on for days.

A Marriage of the Inside and the Outside

One of the hottest trends in luxury homes, especially since the pandemic began and has us all spending more time in our house, is the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. This can look like a full outdoor kitchen and big screen tv outside on a patio or porch or next to a pool. The most popular feature of marrying indoor and outdoor spaces is to create an accordion wall of glass doors that completely folds away and makes an indoor space and an outdoor space become the same room.

Design Elements that Make Luxury Homes ExtraordinaryLavish Bathrooms

A spa bathroom is a must for today’s luxury homes. Next to the kitchen, the bathrooms is one of the most important spaces in any home. The bathroom in a luxury home has to be above and beyond the standard, like visiting a spa any time you want. Many luxury homes are featuring bathrooms with giant soaking tubs, mirrors with televisions hidden in them, and showers that double as steam rooms.

Top of the Line Security

Security is important more than ever, especially in a luxury home. Luxury homes have several things that can attract unwanted attention. Today’s extraordinary luxury homes go beyond the simple alarm system. In many luxury homes, you will find systems with 24-hour monitoring, several cameras, and much more difficult access to entry points. These systems speed up the process of notifying the proper help in the case of a fire, flood, or break-in.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in homes of all types right now, luxury homes have taken smart tech as a standard to a new level. Some smart tech that is showing up in luxury properties includes motion sensor lighting, programmable thermostats, and voice-activated everything including appliances, faucets, and the television.

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