Go Big and Go Home - Tips on Moving

Deciding to move is one huge decision followed by a series of many more choices. Once a renter realizes it is time to invest in property, they are faced with the first decision- where to move? Which city? Which neighborhood? What’s important in this decision, and what’s worth sacrificing? How do goals dictate the size, space and/or location of a new place?

Finding a property you like in the right spot, with the right amenities and within budget can be hard. When someone’s on the home hunt, here’s a look at four of the factors that come into play:

  1. Size of city: Buyers need to determine if they are looking for somewhere low key or if they are interested in living somewhere with tons of activity and things to do.
  2. Budget and jobs: If you cannot afford the home, it’s the wrong home. This is why job opportunities near your home can directly impact how easy or hard it is for homes to sell.
  3. Transportation: A commute can have a sign
  4. Morning commutes can make a big impact on life, so many buyers will favor homes that make it easy to get from point a to point b.
  5. Local amenities: From good libraries to strong hospitals, the attractions and amenities of an area can definitely make it more desirable. Other in-demand features include parks, shopping, restaurants, culture and entertainment. 

When it comes to residential real estate, lots of factors influence a buyer’s big decision to purchase in a specific city or neighborhood. To learn more about some of the signs that tell buyers it’s time to move — as well as get tips for searching for the right location — take a look at the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by New City Moving.

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