Is a 'Green Wall' a Good Selling Point for Luxury Real Estate?

  If you’re looking for a way to set your home apart from others on the market, consider installing a “green wall” to create a dramatic “residential garden” of live plantings.Install a green wall to attract buyers

Besides providing eye-catching focal points, green walls can create a sense of peace and calm in a harried world.  Scientific studies confirm that greenery in your surroundings can contribute to physical and mental wellbeing.

  Installed on inside or outside walls, the additions can include plants such as fern, mosses, grasses, seasonal flowers and bulbs, small shrubs, and even fruits and vegetables.  Installation systems can range from small pots hung on a vertical frame to modular panels where nutrients can be electronically directed to plants rooted in the wall structure.

Today, many green walls use a type of horticulture called “hydroponic”--a method of growing plants without soil. Instead plant nutrients are dispensed in a water-based solvent.

 Install a green wall to attract buyers Local garden nurseries and landscape architects can offer advice about green-wall design and plantings that can thrive in the environment where the wall will be installed. Garden nurseries and landscape professionals also can provide recommendations and referrals about installation systems available locally. An internet search with keywords “green wall installation near me” also can identify resources for the walls and related topics.

  Sizes of green walls—also called “living walls, vertical gardens or eco walls—can vary greatly.  Some cover an entire wall; others function as a decorative accent to a wall, much like artwork.  In some cases, they are freestanding and can be moved from room to room. Costs for green walls varies based on the complexity of their design and the plantings chosen. However, the average cost for installing such a system complete with plants ranges from $195 – $265 per square foot.  Homeowners must also factor in costs to maintain the vibrancy of the living wall.

Installing a green wall can add a distinctive quality to your home. Besides enhancing your surroundings while you live there, it may result in a quicker and more profitable sale in a competitive Portland real estate market. However, there's always the flip side in that it could just be more of a maintenance than buyers really want to deal with it, but again, if you're selling a luxury home, chances are there's someone to take care of features like a green wall.

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