Smart Closets are the Newest Luxury Home Technology

If you grew up in the ’90s or are just a good 90s movie fan, then you have most likely seen the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone playing Claire, the main character. Claire’s closet is still the stuff of every fashion lover’s dreams. Many people who watch the movie aspire to have her closet with the rotating racks, computerized catalog, and preview on-screen of what an outfit would look like to wear. No more trying anything on only to discover you hate closets for luxury portland homes.

It is now 30 some years past the debut of this film and most of us rely on the standard stationery hanging rods in our closets or shelving systems. Many luxury homes have beautiful closets, but some are getting an even higher elevation with smart technology.

Here is the latest in smart technology we are seeing pop up in luxury homes right now.

Closet Carousel

Much like the actual closet that was so beloved from the Clueless movie, the racks in this system rotate. A motorized system that can be operated with a foot pedal. The racks move in a circular fashion so that you can easily access and see everything in your closet and things no longer get lost in the back corners. The closet carousel comes in both a single and double rack option. The system also comes with accessories for hanging shoes and handbags.

Shoe Select

This is basically a carousel, but for your shoe shelves, instead of in horizontal circles, the system moves vertically to allow you to easily access the shoes on the top shelf without needing a step stool or ladder. It also doubles your shoe storage as it offers two rows of shelves instead of the standard one row with stationary shelves.

Samsung Brand AirDresser

There is nothing more frustrating than having a full schedule and reaching for that perfect shirt, trousers, dress, pair of slacks, etc. just to discover it is wrinkled from hanging snuggly between all of the other items in your closet. Who has time to press/steam it now? The Samsung AirDresser is like a dry cleaner right in your closet. The AirDresser looks like a freestanding closet or armoire/wardrobe. It does need to be near an electrical outlet to plug it in and needs to be filled with water on occasion when the reservoir runs dry. This handy machine holds three items and will remove dust, odors, and wrinkles for you, you just need to hang them inside and go about your day. The device works over WIFI as well so you can even program it from a remote location to start, pause, receive notifications, and get cycle recommendations.

With more and more interest in organized and luxurious closets in luxury homes, this is just the beginning of what we think we will see in smart closet technology.

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